We solve business challenges with distributed software solutions that evolve around user needs.

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Design sprint 101, design and innovation workshops

who our clients are

  • Alibaba
  • Fond of Bags
  • SAIC
  • Barclays
  • Sparhandy
  • Bitbay
  • FSInvestment Solutions
  • Unidesq
  • Mobile.de
  • Vodafone
  • Miniguide
  • UBS
  • ebay
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • CloudGuide
  • Wuaki.tv
  • Movie Pilot
  • Midokura.com

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what our clients say

  • After the UX and conversion analysis, the (many) actions we have taken have resulted in a tripling !!! of results in Germany. Thank you.

    Hendrik Noorderhaven, Founder at Euclaim.com
  • blended did a great job on design and implementation with ReactJS. I love the new, clean and focused experience design.

    Christian Ulitzka, CEO at unidesq.com
  • Thanks so much for your help in kicking off our IoT strategy and looking forward to working with you in the future.

    Jean-François Joly, Scrum Master at midokura.com
  • I really enjoyed the collaboration and appreciated their flexibility to adapt when requirements changed. The team does have the right blend of UX and engineering skills.

    Deb Misra, Senior VP Engineering at fsinvestments.com
  • Danke blended.io. Auch Dank euch konnte Sparhandy nach dem Redesign die 400-Millionen-Euro Marke knacken.

    Wilke Stroman, CEO at sparhandy.de
  • blended.io ran a design thinking workshop with our team and then built an MVP which was very well received at Midokura. Looking forward to the next project, Andree.

    Carlos Amselem, Director of Engineering at midokura.com
  • The blended.io team is very skilled and professional, and still very dynamic and flexible when requirements change. I really enjoyed working with them.

    Daniel Mensing, Online Marketing Lead at fondofbags.com
  • Die Zusammenarbeit war wirklich lobenswert und ging weit über das vertragliche hinaus. Danke für die Unterstützung beim Thema Mobile.

    David Tischler, Projektleiter Grafik & UX at sparhandy.de
  • Our app has been online for about 2 years now. End users as well as our museum client keep giving very good feedback. Thanks again for the good job, guys.

    Joris van Dyk, CTO at cloudguide.me

what our insights show

Our Design Sprint 101s

Design sprint 101, design and innovation workshops

Blockchain Platforms: To Break or Not To Break With Mental Models

Challenges, issues in blockchain UX

We'd love to partner with you. Get in touch.

what we've done

kraken.com Trading UI Refresh

what we did
An internal challenge - our founder used the exchange and inspired the team to design a refreshed UI
what we achieved
A fresh looking UI for a technical-minded target group

Lean UX & Prototyping for IOT

what we did
We ran a lean UX & design doing workshop with the IOT team which resulted in the build of an MVP.
what we achieved
The MVP was well received and was then used to further develop the ideas internally.

what we do

why we do it

We believe that making a difference for our clients requires a carefully considered blend of engineering & experience design paired with a tenacious focus on users and simplicity.

Every single person at blended.io shares this belief. They also have the drive and willingness to transform complex feature sets into simple-to-use products. Our passion makes the difference.

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